4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

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Many women go through dozens of wedding dresses before they find the one that feels right. Making your decision is easier if you know a few simple ways to narrow down your choices. Here are four tips that can help you find the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

Name Your Budget FIrst

Few things are more disheartening than falling in love with a dress that is out of your budget. The first thing you should do when you walk into a bridal shop is name the upper limit of what you are willing to pay for your dress. This will prevent you from finding flaws in an affordable dress by comparing it with one that was never a possibility in the first place.

While the right dress is important to every wedding, you should make sure that you are not sacrificing a better venue or accommodations to buy a more expensive dress. Your dress is one of the best places to cut costs on your wedding, allowing you to delegate money to other expenses that can make the day more memorable. And just because you are buying a dress with a lower base cost doesn't mean you can't make it uniquely yours. Brides who buy a cheaper dress have more money left over for custom tailoring to add their own personal touch.

Match Your Wedding's Style

Just like some venues are better suited for casual or formal weddings, your dress should reflect the overall atmosphere of the event. Outdoor weddings are often informal, so you may not want to go overboard with a long, flowing gown or excessive embellishments. Another advantage of a short dress for an outdoor wedding is that the bottom will not trail along the ground, so it will be easier to preserve the dress without worrying about fraying or tearing.

Brides who are interested in a more formal wedding may be interested in large ballroom gowns, elegant veils, and decorations that are more typical of the "dream dress" that many girls imagine from a young age. These dresses would not seem out of place if your wedding is held in a cathedral or upscale reception hall.

Compliment Your Body Shape

The right dress will be different for every bride. The same dress can look very different on two people based on their body shape. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to find the dress that will compliment your body shape in the best way possible. Tall women often find that they look best in a dress that forms a simple silhouette to accent their natural shape.

If you are busty, you may want to avoid dresses that create a straight line at the top, and instead opt for a scooped neckline to compliment your features. Plus-sized women or women with wide hips may prefer a dress that flares out just below the bust into an elegant A-shape.

Bring Friends for Second Opinions

Sometimes looking in the mirror isn't enough to decide which dress is right for you. Bringing a few trusted friends to the bridal shop is an excellent way to gain perspective on how the dress really looks in other people's eyes.

You should remember that everyone's dress preferences will differ, so you may not want to bring more than one or two people so that you are not overwhelmed with dissenting opinions. Also, your friends should just be there to help you narrow down your choices, and you should trust your gut when making a final decision.

If you use these tips and start searching for your dress a few months in advance of your wedding, you can be sure that you will find the dress that is perfect for you. Check out websites like http://bridalelegance.us.com/ for more information.